Travel Insurance: For Worry Free Luxury Travel

Top travel advisors do everything in their power to help you plan and book a luxury vacation that is as problem-free as possible. Unfortunately, unanticipated events may transpire that throw a wrench into the best laid plans. Unexpected difficulties can occur before you travel such as a family emergency or sudden illness. Other situations can include cancelled flights, lost luggage, and even medical emergencies or injuries that happen while you are on your trip. Eliminate the worry from your upcoming vacation by purchasing travel insurance to prepare for the unexpected.Lost LuggageHow many people do you know whose luggage has been lost in transit? In the U. S., an estimated four to six out of every 1,000 travelers files a complaint about their luggage but odds are that temporarily lost luggage primarily goes unreported. Three thousand, three hundred dollars in compensation per passenger is available on U.S. based airlines, although exclusions apply for such items as furs and jewelry. The compensation for lost luggage by airlines, however, varies by country when using non-domestic flights and may not even exist.When temporarily lost bags, travelers are often without their wardrobe and other items for the first part of their vacation. In some cases, luggage is never located. Compensation amounts do not come close to covering the loss in some cases, especially if the contents include designer clothing and other lost items such as cameras, computers and other treasured valuables.Skimping on travel insurance for lost baggage can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars spent on replacement items (including new luggage) as well as the loss of valuable time required for shopping for needed items. Now, shopping is a fun activity if it is part of your travel plans but if you are in a remote destination or are on a limited budget, enforced shopping is,well, not so enjoyable. And just think about having to shop for a wardrobe in a non-English speaking country or in the middle of a jungle safari!Last Minute Trip Cancellations or Trip InterruptionsWhether you have a family emergency, become ill and need emergency surgery, or there is a terrorist incident in your destination city and you no longer want to go, events that are out of your control may mean that you have to cancel your trip. Without travel insurance, trip cancellations can result in the loss of cash you invested in airline reservations, destination deposits, cruises, and more.Another reason to consider travel insurance is for flight cancellations and missed connections. Imagine a scenario where a couple is flying from Colorado to New York. Their itinerary has them arriving with several hours to spare before their luxury cruise departs the next morning for the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, Denver is hit with a monster snowstorm cancelling all flights for 24 hours which means they will miss their cruise. Travel insurance will jump in to reimburse them so they can schedule another cruise with their trip advisor.A luxury vacation is expensive, especially if it is a once-in-a-lifetime-trip that you have always wanted to take. When you compare the cost of insurance with the cost of the trip, travel insurance is definitely worth the investment.Medical Emergencies during VacationA medical emergency can take place at any time during your vacation, whether because of an injury other medical condition. While your current health insurance will likely cover illness within the United States, many have exclusions for foreign travel and even for cruises flying under a non-U.S. flag.Serious medical conditions may require emergency helicopter or jet evacuation back to the states. This type of medical insurance is important for any trip but is essential when traveling to an underdeveloped country where it can mean the difference between life and death. Medical travel insurance also covers issues such as lost medications and treatment for more minor ailments.Lost or Stolen Wallets and PassportsThe sudden loss of important travel papers or credit cards can put a real damper on your vacation. Fortunately, emergency cash is available through travel insurance while you make arrangements with your bank and credit card holders to remedy the problem. Passport and credit card coverage reimburses you for unauthorized credit card purchases, as well as card and passport replacement fees. Your coverage even includes help with the emergency transfer of funds from home, family or friends.The Bottom Line on Travel InsuranceThe amount and type of travel insurance you obtain is a great topic to discuss with your travel advisor. She will know what the best insurance options are for your particular journey. One word of caution: seasoned travelers and travel agencies alike do not recommend purchasing insurance directly from an airline or cruise line as their insurance products will inevitably include language that favors them when there is a problem. Insurance obtained independently from an airline or cruise is the best option for your travel needs.Whatever insurance products you decide meet your individual needs, have an extraordinarily wonderful and peaceful trip.

How to Choose a Travel Agent

There is a lot that goes into planning a vacation, especially if airfare is involved. Getting the airline tickets, the hotel reservations, and vacation activities all lined up in advance can be a lot of work. It’s no wonder then that lots of people turn to a travel agent to help plan their vacation for them. Travel agents work especially well for folks who would rather just enjoy the vacation itself instead of having to be bothered with all of the details beforehand. So if you have been thinking about finding a travel agent to assist with your vacation plans, here are a few ideas to help you find the right travel agent for your needs.Experience is very important for a travel agent. Over time agents are able to develop good relationships with other companies that are involved in the travel industry. Because of that, they can often get special deals on airfare, hotels, and other tickets or reservations that you might need on your vacation. So in general they can help you get better bargains in the area where you plan on staying. Of course, you’ll have to pay them for this experience and convenience, but many people feel that the expense is well worth it.One of the best ways to find a good travel agent in your area is to ask around to friends and family members and see who they recommend. If you ask for recommendations on almost any subject you’ll find lots of people ready to give you their opinion, and travel agents are no exception. Very often, a good travel agent’s name will come up frequently as being recommended.Another way to find a good travel agent is ,to look online for message boards that might have information about travel agents in your area. Or visit some web sites and look for testimonials from other customers who have used a particular agency. Then call the travel agencies that seemed to appeal to you most, and discuss your needs with them. Look for travel agents that want to get to know you and understand your likes and dislikes, so they can better understand how to plan your vacations in the future. Feel free to ask questions such as “How long have you been in the travel business?”, or maybe even ask for some referrals. If an agent seems too busy to spend time to get to know you, or answer your questions, then you need to look elsewhere.Another consideration is to make sure that a travel agency is part of the American Society of Travel Agents. Membership in this society usually means that travel agents get to work with other members to find the very best deals for their customers. Membership also indicates certification of a particular travel agency and can be considered an indication that you will be getting excellent service from that agency.Once you find a travel agent that you are comfortable with, remember that you need to work closely with them to help them provide you with the best service possible. Even though you don’t have to spend hours setting up the vacation yourself, you still will need to provide some input to help the agent tailor your vacation to your wants and desires. And also keep in mind that you have the right of final say on any vacation that is planned. But if you find the right travel agent using the suggestions listed above and work closely with them, most likely your vacation getaways will be a huge success.

Why the Travel Industry is a Very Lucrative Home Business

Global travel is a mammoth industry that generates revenues in excess of $7 trillion a year. Travel has traditionally been an industry that uses traditional storefront travel agent to distribute their products. The proliferation of the Internet has however impacted travel hugely by breaking down traditional lines of distribution and reducing the cost drastically. There are now significant opportunities for individuals and home-based businesses to step into the role of traditional travel agents and earn a commission income with little investment. It is important for any home-based business to be part of an overall business or industry that has good growth potential and is yet a palatable choice for many individuals. For instance, pornography and gambling are two of the biggest growth industries on the Internet and yet not many people wanting to establish home-based businesses would look to them for business opportunities.Travel is expected to gross revenues of $14 billion by the year 2010 so clearly the industry is on a rapid growth trajectory. Many of the leading players in the industry discovered that stay at home individuals who have a passion and a commitment to travel are able to produce significantly high levels of customer service at a most reasonable cost.When you think of travel, airline and hotel bookings are top of mind but, in reality the opportunities are in leisure travel and recreational holidays. There is excess inventory of space in recreation ranging from cruise ships to golf courses and the major consolidators are willing to offer huge discounts which you can pass on to your prospective customers.Where and how do I start: there are currently three major consolidators and they are all looking to work with committed and hard-working people who will want to start home-based travel business? If you let them know that you are interested, they would be happy to consider your application and guide you through the process. If all these people offer the same type of packages how you select who to go forward with. You will first need to research what kind of products you can sell effectively and then make the decision. For instance would you like to concentrate on domestic vacation packages or cruises or golfing holidays? You must seek answers to these questions in order to establish a profitable business. For instance if you are a committed and enthusiastic golfer, you may find it easy to build up a clientele of customers for golfing holidays.What will it cost to set up and run: you will need the normal or business home establishment and with a computer, phones and a high-speed Internet connection. In addition you will need to invest some money both in software packages to handle your office routine such as accounting and in specialist travel packages (for example software to handle SABRE online reservation services). In addition there will be the monthly fixed fees for items such as telephones, Internet and SABRE access. Your variable costs will be low since advertising and marketing collateral support will be provided by the service provider.Incidentally a small perquisite of being in the travel business is the wonderful perks and concessions that are available to travel agents.